by Sad Mask Party

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released March 7, 2014




Sad Mask Party Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: Voodoo Tank
Voodoo tank
Love or lack thereof
Valley speedway
Such a fucking mess..
But I've been kind of proud of this.

Yellow park
Spring's eternal
Guess I'm running out
of luck these days.

Voodoo tank
Idol blood transplant
I like you when you're high,
but otherwise you mostly seem
to bring me down, my friend.
Track Name: Spiral Stairs
Back in time, lots of years ago
Any place I ever got to go,
I called home.

Drifting in and out again, since that day.
Seems that somehow
I got carried away.
Track Name: Fuzzy Waves
Stacked up and out of season
Stray blues from a distant daylight
Sometimes there ain't no reason why,
I spend my time like that.

I've been trying to change my ways, man..
And just keep my blues aside
The walls are coming in
Someday I'll reach the sky.
Track Name: The Faceless Monster
And you've spent so much time,
just wondering why you can't see it.
You've got the devil inside,
but he's always been a misfit.
So you search for holes,
to help him escape from your prison.
And you still don't realize,
that maybe you should give love a reason.
Track Name: Late Train Blues
She's been up all night
And I've been down all day
Catch the train tonight
Somewhere I've been told,
the sun is shining still...
Track Name: I Don't Care.
It's alright.
I don't even care anymore.
I don't care...

It's okay
I'm not even there yet.

And I don't care...
Track Name: Slow Hole
There was a time I saw the devil inside
some fellow stranger's eyes
For all I know, I stared forever..
'Cause I was born by the desert lands
And I've been dying from thirst,
for all my life.

He smiled to me and asked me straight:
"Hey man, what are you doing with your life?"
I kind of lost it but then again, I guess
I've been so sick and tired of this town
Track Name: Napalm Farm Bunny
Did you just forget
what I've been going through?
I'd like to be direct,
but I never know exactly what to say..
I just don't.

Did you ever regret
all the time we stole together?
Am I all alone in this?
Can't even bother to have it any other way.

..And maybe it was not ok,
for me to treat you like I did
I can't even answer myself
Sometimes the questions sound
like distractions to me.
Track Name: ..of Lemon Trees On Mercury
Dream of endless summer nights,
of California seas and skies..
I surf the waves and reach no land
I reach no land.

I see no cars, I see no people around
Just a bunch of stray dogs,
and they all dream in black and white,
but the colors re-emerge in their eyes...
Track Name: Permanent Vacation Blues`
Come on and get inside
I'll let you see it
No therapy for you.
Now what was that again..?
I have never been your friend

What did you say before?
I wasn't paying attention
..and I got no therapy for us!
Now wont you do that again..?
Wont you do that one more time?

Come on and smile, babe
Oh baby smile to me
Why are you always like that?
And you know, sometimes
you just make me sad.
Track Name: Indian Plane Crash
Face down and brush your teeth, boy
Face off, and no ammunition..
Stay cool, and just hold your breath now
...Or is it just my impression anyway?
Track Name: Slime King
Time ain't gonna wait for you to think it over
You have always been a stranger in my eyes
No-one's gonna give a damn about a thing in your life
..And I've been wondering if you'd like to come over,
stay the night and I could really just use that
And time can wait for a little more, till we break apart.

Nothing's gonna change the fact that you're a loser
But hey, can you win this one for me?
No-one's gonna run to cheer you up, so push it aside
..And I'm wondering if you'll ever remember about us,
years ahead from this day.
Maybe time will wait a little more, it always does..
Track Name: Tantric Cats
I got nobody but myself to blame
I had no right to change the rules again
I got nobody near myself at all,
And I got no place that I would like to go.

But I'll be decisive, and maybe think more about it
Or I'll be constructive, and just live without it. could you let me in?
Track Name: Get The Girl
Tricking time ain't gonna work
Never was the bravest soul
Lying down all over the place
Never thought I'd play it, still

Trouble stinks from miles beyond
Never had I been a liar
Coming closer, now and again
Thanks for staying in touch with me.