from by Sad Mask Party



What is the point behind all this?
I clearly got no enemies,
'cause they're all left behind the walls
we built with every single ounce
of all the blood we shed and now,
I'm sitting down, trying to relax
Yet, it appears that somehow
I still can't help but feel the pain,
kicking right in my guts
The days just go by
Mostly unnoticed.

What is the law behind it all?
I hold you tight, and still you fall
inside a hole. I guess you like it,
though you'll never really know.
What's now to do? I'm asking you
But you can't hear me anyway
I start to think that after all
there may be not a remedy
for me out there.
'Cause I'm just standing still,
and wait for you to notice...


from The Birds, released May 19, 2014




Sad Mask Party Αθήνα, Greece

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