The Birds

by Sad Mask Party

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released May 19, 2014




Sad Mask Party Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: Punk Aunt
In a car
It seems so far,
from the place where I woke up.
Like a dream
Rain on film
Such a fucking blast, man!

A maze of love
Forms of life,
yet unknown to me, and
This I swear:
I got lost,
yet it felt so nice, man...
Track Name: Speed Strike
Things don't go so well right here
I'm just hanging from their lies
But every time I see your eyes,
it makes me smile, makes me smile..
Someday you must tell me why
you're so fucking calm at night.

All the spaces in between
And all the places that I've seen
All I'll ever get to know
And everywhere I'll get to go
You've already been
a million fucking times.
Track Name: Rembrandt
What is the point behind all this?
I clearly got no enemies,
'cause they're all left behind the walls
we built with every single ounce
of all the blood we shed and now,
I'm sitting down, trying to relax
Yet, it appears that somehow
I still can't help but feel the pain,
kicking right in my guts
The days just go by
Mostly unnoticed.

What is the law behind it all?
I hold you tight, and still you fall
inside a hole. I guess you like it,
though you'll never really know.
What's now to do? I'm asking you
But you can't hear me anyway
I start to think that after all
there may be not a remedy
for me out there.
'Cause I'm just standing still,
and wait for you to notice...
Track Name: Acid River
Oh will it ever come?
I long to see the sun
Man, I'm just dying here, do you understand me?
The air is cold and I
can't stand the city lights
They break inside my eyes, erasing me with time.

My head is full of dirt
My bones are black my heart is dead
Do you get what I'm saying?
I long to feel the breeze
Oh God I beg you please
Just help me find my way back there, again..
Track Name: Bonus Tree
I thought I cached your look just right behind the door.
I said I'll watch your back, you'll finally sleep safe tonight.
I sent you roses and some cigarette ash
I took you out to the hills and the tall grass.

I thought I heard your voice inside the big market.
I hit my head against the wall, and I swear that it hurt so bad.
I gave you diamonds and a box of dust.
It was so late at night.. I guess you'll never see me again.
Track Name: Stereo Sound
Stereo sound has kind of ruined my life, I guess that
Stereo sound has taken its toll on me
Sometime it broke down, the wire burnt to flames and
All around, my life got so much better

I had no money for a new one,
So I found this girl
I saw my friends
I answered some calls
Went out for a walk

But I'm bound, I needed it back so bad.
Sweet stereo sound, I went and bought the same one back
Stereo sound, new speakers and bass...
And all around, fuck it.

I lost my girl
I lost my friends
I lost the time
I lost myself,
then found it back in stereo sound.
Track Name: In A Safe Place
We had a night race down the block
People just came and gave in their complaints
And I would never even go there
Even in the first place,
I did barely care about that...

We had a party in this bar
It was the last night of its little night life.
And then I tried to get a drink,
but even the barman,
he was just so fucking drunk.

I'm kind of feeling old for all this stuff.
Track Name: Race Cars
Spent another day inside
Do you ever plan to come back?
Turned my back on everyone
Guess I'm better off alone, this time.

Spent another year afraid
There's no coming back again
Turned my back on you, my friend
Oh won't you please be cool with that..?

Why don't you ever try to see
whatever lies beyond these mighty seas
and the mountains..?

Why did you never try to be
the air that blows beyond these mighty seas
and the mountains..?
Track Name: The Birds
I've seen you down the same place, everyday
I pay no mind to what the people say
I know you've seen me too, but take your time
There 'll be a day that I will make you mine.

Yeah baby, I have seen you inside out
But I just hate it when you keep running round
I know you need someplace to rest for a while.
The time will come, and baby, you'll be mine...
Track Name: ..Off To Home
When I go back and think of
the last time that we met
I just can't help but notice,
how you already knew by then.

Whenever I feel lonely,
whenever I feel sad
I just try so hard not to
lose myself again.

And if you're watching over me,
from where your soul resides
I hope you understand me,
and how I've just been so afraid

And if you're watching over me,
I hope I'm not just letting you down
And though I've done my fuck-ups,
I hope that you're still proud of me.